Gold or platinum?

The place was rocking and rolling today.

Not a chance this time.

Debts to meet deficits.

Many are praying and many cried for you.

Do you have some source code now?

Transfer salad to large shallow bowl.

This post is part of my weight loss tips series.


He knew how to play hardball with the big boys.

And the two bickered right into the bar.

The new business name cannot indicate a change in entity.

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I am familiar with this history.

Where on earth did you dig that up?

Up close of the nasttyyy.


And the more money the winner burns.


We love donations of teen literature and supplies.


The health scare prompted an outpouring of concern.

When can we buy them?

Have you thought of picking up the phone?

It really is bad bad politics.

Perhaps your readers will find it of interest also.

Have you tried adjusting the base idling speed?

This is mostly why you got banned.

Eat healthy and get moving!

In what direction is codec design heading?


Thanks for reading and thanks for the input!


It is so bright and beautiful.


What would your co workers say about you?

Capable of being understood in two or more distinct senses.

Whether the current document has dynamic features.

Check out existing featured posts.

Thought provoking post though.

Amazon please that is my favorite place to shop.

And the ravens reply.

I miss driving standard.

He said he wanted to come back.


What chu gon do trick?


Would you rather live in a red or blue state?


Tap the red stop button.


The girls triple up for maximum velocity.

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Would love help in this department.


I think the hair from the concept suits her better.

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Love the housemade chorizo!


We look forward to sweetening your next gathering.

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I have no connection with this dealer.


You can tell me what to say.

Any suggetsion to resolve this please.

Do not taste food to determine its safety.

How many belches are heard in the film?

The second and last ones are just too good.

But what is like me formerly.

This is the best drinking game movie ever!


Now to win over the comic book nerds!

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Should be made mandatory.


Automated build and release.


Two toon offerings this week.


I hope this is the right category.


But no mention of a picket line.

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Violate any applicable laws currently in force.

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Determining length of sock?


Interested in reviewing admission criteria and applying?

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Do milk drinkers get a raw deal?


What sex should i get?


Post your opinions about the game here.


My picks are underlined.

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I give him his house.

There is blindness all around.

Salt and pepper to taste at the table.

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Name of a mapping group.

In our bed there was a smelt like cheese.

What is the best part about being indie?

Nope not yet hope to be some day.

Drizzle a tiny bit of olive oil in a pan.

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Thanks for all you do to help animals in need!


Confused as to how to find killer key words?

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Implement the financial transfer agreement.


Reference burning through cash and assets.

First three blogbroads to submit their prom photos win a prize.

Do you host the sites for us?

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Camps grog ban to go.


Is green growth the new greed?

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We may use a dealer to sell the securities.

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Keep the ink dipped in its well!


Turn the printer on.

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You help me wake up in the morning.


Top three got it down best.


What is the average number of hours you work per week?

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This is one sketchy ass bridge to start the day out.


The ruling that came down was stunning.


To view the original source of this post click here.

These settings can be selected by the user as required.

Start with the given inequality.


I like the dress but not the top part.

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This would eliminate power jams.


I mention they have no sense of humor?


My first time through the lights was a year ago.

I just want to see ze battle vidyas of teh japonese.

Turn the duke box down my friend.

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Ryan said choosing a charity to benefit was easy.

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There is no corkage and cake cutting fees.


So why not share them?


Delicate and cute design.

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Not sure what else you can ask of a general manager.

Alternative form of ulema.

Under the sun and understood the pain of a punchbag.


Perrigo maintains an unwavering commitment to quality.

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You always have a subject!

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Sounds pretty boring so why should you be interested?

Structures and cooking gear for mercy go take you might make.

Line for ben and jerrys ice cream.

Japan once might have looked like bad bets for democracy too.

Want to talk to one of our staff?

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Kiting near bolinas?


Some kind of animal.

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On the crest of a wave?

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Subtle and very nice!

I could never pull off pixie.

Agreement that the name stay the same.

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A funny thing happened on the way to my weekly column.

Makes a great stocking stuffer and holiday treats for pets.

If you could move to another city where would you go?


Trends in security code reviews?

Owners may have reported use for more than one situation.

From my hands to yours.


If it was dirty yes.

Planning to buy!

How reliable is the samsung brand for laptops?


I believe in the power of positive thinking.

Live in the present!

She needs to be eaten by me.

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Read more about the couple here.